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Statistics of education in Kosovo (2021/22)

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What is KREN?

The establishment of the Kosovo Research and Education Network (KREN) has started since 2019, through the project for the Kosovo Digital Economy (KODE), supported by the International Development Association (IDA) and implemented within the Ministry of Economy (ME).

All activities, investments, hardware, and software communication infrastructure of KREN are dedicated to the needs of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), including public and private ones. In the future, with the approval of the Government of Kosovo, secondary and primary schools may also be included in the KREN network.

Goals – Ongoing

  • Increasing the participation of Kosovar professors/scientific workers in research and development activities led by the international scientific and educational community;
  • Raising the educational and research level in Kosovo to the levels of European Union (EU) countries, from the aspect of providing technological opportunities in education and research;
  • Strengthening of Kosovar HEIs in their function as disseminators of high-level knowledge, and as implementers and promoters of research-scientific activity;
  • General objectives for socio-economic and cultural development of the country and for regional and European integration.


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Federated identity allows authorized users to access multiple applications and domains using a single set of credentials. Very challenge process for next few months which must be done. Collaboration is key for success.


The process of digitization involves “changing the culture” of how people think, work together, and share knowledge. Support and training are crucial for the success and advancement of the R&E community.


A challenging task with a high priority and need for the KREN community. The data required for study, researching and development will soon be accessible, including statistics on the population, agriculture, geography in GIS format, and graduate theses.

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