Digital Excellence Center (QED) was established by the Ministry of Economic Development in June 2021. The aim of the QED is to function as a test environment (laboratory), and at the same time as a space for education and research of regional development. The primary beneficiaries will be students, recent graduates, and the private sector, studies.

QED will initially focus on studies, research and development based on the latest ICT and electronic communications trends such as:

Investments and success in the first phase

At this stage Digital Excellence Center, in the spaces of KREN in ITP, has provided equipment for 3D technology for different applications:

Activities in the premises of the QED 

To succeed in achieving its goals, QED has started to carry out several activities such as: 

  • Organizing continuous marketing campaigns for activities within the QED for the youth (especially students), and the private sector to be informed about the possibility and activities of the QED, 
  • Selection of the most successful students who will be offered advanced training and opportunities to test and use the relevant equipment. 

Activities carried out until today