Wi-fi network for primary and secondary schools

From 2019, the Ministry of Economy is implementing the Kosovo Digital Economy (KODE) Project, which is also supported by the World Bank.

One of the main activities of this Project was establishment of the Kosova Research and Education Network – KREN. All investments, hardware and software infrastructure built within KREN is being used by public and private Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in the country.

Among the achievements of this network so far, is the establishment of communication infrastructure through which all Higher Education Institutions are connected to a dedicated network with sufficient and expandable capacity according to the requirements and needs in the field.


The Ministry of Economy, through the KODE/KREN project, continues the realization of their mission with other activities to strengthen digitization in educational and research institutions.

In order to serve this purpose, from January 2023 to May 2024, the initial phase of the project of Providing Internet Access and Creating Internal Networks in Primary and Secondary Schools in Kosovo will be developed, where it is intended to expand the network of KREN and install Wi-Fi in 200 selected schools with high priority.

The goal of this project is provision of communication network with dedicated capacity for internet connection and to provide full wi-fi coverage in classrooms and other educational facilities. The management of all network equipment of each school will be carried out by the KREN Network Operations Center.

After the completion of the first phase with 200 schools, the expansion of the network with other schools will continue, with the main aim to provide full coverage in all schools in Kosovo with modern infrastructure.

Below you will find the interactive map and analysis that contains accurate information on the number of students, teachers and classes for each school.

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