The EOSC Symposium is the main EOSC annual event, this year taking place in Prague, Czech Republic, on 14-17 November 2022.

Over 500 stakeholders from ministries, policy makers, research performing organisations, service providers, research infrastructures and research communities across Europe and beyond are expected to attend the Symposium to reflect on the EOSC key achievements and strategic challenges and to identify priorities and concrete actions at European, national, and institutional level to speed up the EOSC implementation.

During the Symposium, there will be an opportunity to inspire the EOSC community by sharing your work or ideas.

  • Call for talks: Submit a talk (the talk should not exceed 7 minutes) on the following topics:
    • FAIR enabling practices
    • Use cases demonstrating the added value of EOSC
    • EOSC Core developments
    • EOSC Exchange & Data Federation developments
    • Federation of national Research Infrastructures & e-infrastructures in EOSC
    • Training & Skills for EOSC
    • Contributions of for profit partners to EOSC
    • Engaging stakeholders in EOSC
  • Call for sessions: Submit ideas for a side session (max 90 minutes) or an evening session (up to 3 hours). Please note that there is a limited number of slots for sessions and the sessions might be running in parallel with the main programme of the Symposium. Please double check the draft structure of the event.

Who can apply?

  • Projects actively engaged in building EOSC (H2020, Horizon Europe & other projects)
  • National, regional and international initiatives aimed at boosting Open Science and FAIR principles
  • Thematic communities
  • Any individual interested and contributing to EOSC


The calls are open for applications until Friday 23 September 2022, 17:00 CEST.

The applications will be evaluated by the EOSC Symposium Programme Committee who will select the most relevant contributions to become part of the programme.

Applicants will be informed on the results of their application on the week of the 3rd of October.

More information

For more information about the EOSC Symposium, please visit the EOSC Symposium website.

Source: Connect GÉANT

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