The Government of Kosovo (GoK) has secured support from the International Development Association (IDA) (hereinafter ‘the Bank’) for a Kosovo Digital Economy (KODE) Project in the amount of 20,7 million EUR. Implementation of KODE Project started in 2018 with few pilot activities, while the official start was in the year 2019. Implementation of the Project was managed by the Ministry of Economy (ME).

The Project aims to improve access to better quality and high‐speed broadband services in project areas and to online knowledge sources, services and labour markets among citizens, and public and academic institutions.

The Objective of grants was to finance and deploy a broadband infrastructure of the defined quality, to support the connection of the identified uncovered areas (“white areas”), incl. households and institutions. Direct beneficiaries of the Grant Scheme were eligible Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

On those grounds, Grant Scheme awarded grants to the selected beneficiaries (ISPs). Grants were dedicated to cover the costs of the eligible expenditure, such as the deployment of passive and active broadband infrastructure and civil works. Grant amount covered up to 80% (eighty ) of the eligible expenditures within the total project’s budget. The remaining part of the project’s budget was private investment matched by the selected beneficiaries.

Grants were awarded on the basis of the open, transparent and non-discriminatory competitive selection process respecting the principle of technology neutrality. Assessment of all applications by ISPs is done in accordance with the Grants Operations Manual (GOM) and Guidelines for Call for Applications available at

All planned activities related to grants for broadband connectivity in “white zones”  are effectively finished between 2018 and 2022. The goal has been accomplished: Kosovo currently has 100 % coverage of internet services.

After the completion and acceptance by ME of the broadband infrastructure deployment, the GoK has no role in the ownership and operation of the subsidized networks.

Below you can find detailed analyses of grants under the Grant Scheme of the KODE Project.